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Hi Codacus I have managed to successfully implement all 3 of your Face Recognition Tutorials on the Pi. But now I am battling to download SQLiteStudio on to the Pi to use it to create a database for final face recognition. Can you please tell me how to download SQliteStudio on the Pi to... 0 0
by thulaniB
Hello Codacus, i'm following your videos on face recognition and the way you have practically proved is awesome. i have a question regarding how will i input an image in this and the face recognized. like in this we are doing real time recognition. so in different way how will the code recognize... 1 11
by joseph
Codacus i want to know can i use "IP WEBCAM" which you have stated in your video? and how to use it evry time. Thank you. 1 3
by Codacus
can any one plz explain how to create our own haar cascades. 0 0
by thirupathi
First, I get a facial landmarks from the image I use in the dlib library. import sys import os import dlib import glob from skimage import io detector = dlib.get_frontal_face_detector() predictor = dlib.shape_predictor("shape_predictor_68_face_landmarks.dat") win = dlib.ima... 2 13
by Codacus
how to recognize two or more object in object recognition code. please tell me. 1 2
by thirupathi
hey man this is my code for multiple object recognition..where should i correct my code..please tell me import cv2 import numpy as np MIN_MATCH_COUNT=30 detector = cv2.SIFT() algorithm=FLANN_INDEX_KDTREE=0 flannParam=dict(algorithm=FLANN_INDEX_KDTREE,tree=5) flann=cv2.FlannBasedMa... 0 0
by thirupathi
if the face is recognize, how to record that he is present? 1 1
by Codacus
how to recognize multiple objects..plz tell me the procedure in object recognition code.. 0 0
by thirupathi
hello there. this is akshay from mumbai. I have seen your videos about python and opencv. I am about to start my final year engineering project which is attendance management system using face recognition. will you please guide me through the project. I just need guidance to complete my pr... 1 4
by akshay
To Detect Unknown Faces And Label them as "Unknown" Use This Logic if conf<50: // do your put text here else: // put "unknown" instead of printing the details´╗┐ 1 2
by Codacus